Iori Hashima (波島 伊織 Hashima Iori?) is one of the supporting characters in the Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata series.  

Biography Edit

Iori is the elder brother of Izumi Hashima, an old acquaintence of Tomoya Aki and the former representative of Rouge en rouge.  

Appearance Edit

Iori clearly resembles his younger sister, Izumi. He has short, brown-redish hair which is a little messy and spiky hair and purple eyes. He has a beauty mark under his left eye. Most girls thinks he is quite handsome.

Personality Edit

Iori is friendly at first, and despite being soft-spoken, he can be a little cold, and he dislikes being ignored. This is seen when he first was introduced, he was being cold towards Tomoya. However, he also helped Tomoya, so he can be kind and friendly at times.



Tomoya Aki Edit

It was first shown that the two were on good terms in the past, however, there is a rivalry between him and Tomoya, because of how each individual wants to release their games at a comiket.

Eriri Sawamura Edit

Iori wants Eriri to be his Doujin circle's illustrator, but there hasn't been much interaction between the two.

Izumi Hashima Edit

Iori's younger sister. From what he said, she is a precious family member, but as far as a Doujin author, she's nothing special.

Chronology Edit

Iori was first introduced in Episode 7 (Friend, Foe or a New Character).

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Iori generally means ''Light''.

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