Keiichi Kato (加藤 圭一 Katō Keiichi?) is Megumi's cousin. He is a fourth-year student at Johoku Medical School (城北医科大学 Jōhoku Ika Daigaku?)

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Keiichi has short, spiky and quite straight brown hair which reaches to his ears. He has blue-sea eyes.

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Keiichi's personality has not been revealed so much, but what is known it that he seems to be soft spoken, polite and collected.

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Budget, Deadline, and New Development Edit

He is seen going to a café with Megumi where Tomoya works, but Tomoya mistook Keiichi for Megumi's boyfriend. However, Megumi cleared the misunderstanding afterwards.

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Megumi Kato Edit

Keiichi's cousin. He calls her ''Megumi-chan''.

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