Saenai Heroine no Sodateakta Chapter 2 is the 2nd Chapter of the Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata
manga series.  

Plot SummeryEdit

This chapter opens with Tomoya Aki excited about some new Otaku memrobelia which is going to be released soon, when he explains about the day he first met Megumi Kato.  However, some time passes and he laments on how he can't remeber much about that girl, even down to her face and name.  He then runs into Megumi who thanks him for picking up her hat for her some other day.  Tomoya mentions something about Megumi being dazzling and cute,a nd Megumi claims that this does not flatter her much, Tomoya apologizing.  In his mind he describes her some other ways:  "Features" Well Formed, "Height" Clear, "Skin" Sort of Smooth, and "BWH" Considerably Well Balanced.  When Megumi asks him how he did not recognize her face, due to them being int he same courses during their first years, Tomoya laments that they must have passed by each other every single day.  When he learns that Megumi gave away the hat he gave her, Tomoya demands comically that she gives his "ex centiment" back to him.  Tomoya says he's surprised Megumi could remember him, due to him being an Otaku and just an ordinary guy, but Megumi retorts by saying that he is no ordinary guy, and in fact he's one of the five best well known people in the school, reminding him of the anime showing that he held a few years ago.  When Megumi tells Tomoya that she's a plain girl, giving reasons as to why she believes this, Tomoya freaks out, constantly insisting to her that she's not plain, also giving his own reasons.  When Tomoya states to Megumi that she's not plain, but just simply generic, she looked devastated, and then the two of them left the restuarant that they were both eating at.  The next day at school Tomoya gets Megumi to agree to meet up wtih him after school every day, so he can turn her into a "head turning main heroine."  


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