Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Chapter 4 is the 4th Chapter of the Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata manga

Plot SummeryEdit

This chapter starts out with Eriri berating Tomoya for loaning her a horror anime, a zombie anime, due to her not being able to handle horror.  She also berates Tomoya for blocking her calls and forcing her to come over to his house again, and Tomoya retorts by saying that she blocked his calls first.  Eriri also complains that she bumped her head coming over and wants a first aid kid, causing Tomoya to think that he likes this sudden anger of hers because it goes along with her archetype.  However, he also says that the archetype can be a double edged sword if it's overused, because people wil get fed up with it; when he thinks this, Eriri further berates him for debating about archetypes in his head again.  Tomoya does say, however, say that she can't be called a Tsundere because she hasn't shown her "Dere" side in over ten years, and then realizes that he forgot about Megumi when she says his name.  Megumi asks who she is, and Tomoya introduces her as Eriri Spencer Sawamura, greatly shocking Megumi, who claims that Eriri is an elegant lady.  Eriri then asks who Megumi is, and Tomoya says that they've met before.  Eriri proceeds to inspect Megumi herself, frightning Megumi.  Tomoya then proceeds to show Megumi an anime, causing Eriri to yell at him some more about what he's showing her.  After that Tomoya gave Eriri another anime to watch, telling her a little bit about it, Eriri saying she's not giving it back, and Tomoya saying that it's perfectly fine; because of this, Megumi thinks that they're both Otaku through and through.  After making Megumi realize how important she is for the Doujin team she says she's leaving, telling him to kill himself, and Tomoya says that he won't give up.  Eriri asks him if he can forgoe using a model for his character and Tomoya denies it, claiming that 90% of the sails from all Galge's comes from the art.  Megumi clicks on the 18+ link and is shocked by what she sees.  She asks if it's illegal to draw that stuff, but they agree that it's not, and that it's only illegal for those under 18 to view it.  Eriri then goes on a tangent about how she cares a lot about selling her work to her fans, and doesn't believe that creators should only indulge themselves in their own personal tastes.  Tomoya retorts by saying that she's wrong, and asks her if she'll be able to keep publishing content week after week, month after month, using such simplistic logic. Even after Tomoya brings up an example from their childhood, however, Eriri claims that it wouldn't bother her at all, and asks him if he'd be sastisfied with the archetype he's trying to create wtih Megumi not selling and catching on.  After that Eriri changes the topic and asks Tomoya what type of a game he wants to make, but Tomoya avoids the question by asking her if she'll join again and she once again refuses, and refuses even more when she finds out that Utaha Kasumigaoka is participating.  She says she hates Utaha because she's haughty, just as Megumi finishes the game.  The next day, Tomoya and Megumi are talking to each other and then Sawamura shows up returning Megumi's hankerchief to her and whispering to her that if she tells anyone that they hung out last night, she'd never forgive her.  


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