The Date Event of Crossing Paths (すれ違いのデートイベント Surechigai no dētoibento?) is the fifth episode of the anime adaption, Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata.  

Plot SummaryEdit

The circle’s meetings have finally begun. Eriri begins working on the character designs using Megumi as her model, but she immediately starts tearing her hair out over trying to design a 2D main heroine off of Megumi, who is completely devoid of character.

And then Tomoya abruptly asks,

By the way, Eriri… Have you ever gone on a date?

Tomoya then asks Eriri on dating advice, as he and Megumi planned to go shopping the following weekend. At first, she gives it to him, but realizes his intentions and becomes enraged. Utaha overhears the conversation and is further inspired to write the game's plot. The next day, she finishes, and while Tomoya is impressed by the final result, he asks for a better conclusion, which upsets Eriri, as she wants to finish development as soon as possible. Tomoya and Megumi then go shopping at the mall, with Tomoya becoming increasingly uncomfortable about interacting with what he views as regular people. Upon reaching the last store, Tomoya realizes Megumi is buying glasses for him as thanks for accompanying her.


By order of appearances:

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