Friend, Foe, or a New Character (敵か味方か新キャラか Teki ka mikata ka shin kyara ka?) is the seventh Episode of the anime adaption, Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata.  

Plot SummaryEdit

H-Hang on a second! Are you going to make an 18+ title now that you’ve got me, a guy, mixed up in this?!

Tomoya has been asked over by Eriri, who is in crunch mode for the Summer Comiket.

He offers to help since he is the reason that her draft is late, and Eriri tells Tomoya – who is a novice when it comes to doujinshi production – to help her come up with a story. And so, the pair does a read-through of her draft, but the doujinshi that Eriri is drawing is rated 18+…

At the school gate, Tomoya realizes Megumi changed her hairstyle, and he presses her for an explanation. Meanwhile, he meets Izumi, who is a childhood friend, an otaku, and a member of the dōjin circle Fancy Wave. Tomoya reminisces with Izumi, who gives him a ticket to the Comiket and tells him that she wants him to come to her dōjin circle. Additionally, she reveals to Tomoya that everything she has now is thanks to him. As Tomoya and Eriri walk home, they reunite with their old friend, Iori, who is the representative of the dōjin circle Rouge en Rouge. Iori is looking for an illustrator, so he announces a challenge to Tomoya, in which both must prove whether they are the most qualified person to use Eriri as their group's illustrator. 


By order of appearances:

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