Sayuri Sawamura (小百合澤村 Sawamura Sayuri?) is the mother of Eriri.

Appearance Edit

Sayuri is a very beautiful woman with long, flowing dark purple hair, she has her hair tied into two twintails laced with two ribbons on each side, just like Eriri. Tomoya described Sayuri to be so similar to Eriri that they could be mistaken for twins.

Personality Edit

Sayuri is a kind, soft spoken and generous young woman. However, she is a fujoshi, meaning that she is into yaoi and she was imagined Tomoya and Iori flirting with each other, and she even said that she cant give up on their ''ship''. However, she has also shown to be matured, a little childish and to take responsibility.

Chronology Edit

Sayuri and her husband is seen spotting Tomoya and thus meeting each other after many years, they talk at a café about Eriri and her past.

Background Edit

Sayuri was bewitched into a international marriage.

Trivia Edit

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