Sonoka Machida (町田 苑子 Machida Sonoko?) is a supporting character in the Saekano series. She works at Fushikawa Shoten.

Apperance Edit

Sonoko is a young woman with short, straight blue hair which goes down to her shoulders. She has light blue eyes and fair skin.

Personality Edit

Not so much shown about Sonoko's personality, but she seems to be calm, collected and hardworking, and also matured, and even sometimes childish.

Chronology Edit

Background Edit

Relationships Edit

Utaha Kasumigaoka Edit

Sonoko is Utaha's editor. They both seem to trust each other and Utaha has never lied for her about her books. However they sometimes can argue about some small things. Sonoko calls Utaha for ''Shi-chan.''

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

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